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Senate Chair, Chris Welsh

Welcome to the sixth annual report for the Yorkshire and the Humber Clinical Senate describing the impartial clinical advice we have provided to our colleagues in health care in Yorkshire and the Humber and across other health care systems in England. During 2019/20 the Senate has completed seven service reviews and we remain committed to providing free and full, independent and impartial clinical advice on any proposal for service change in health care that has significant implications for the workforce, patients and the public.

As I write this many of the service change proposals we have been involved with still remain paused as priority is given to the Covid 19 pandemic response. It is remarkable to see how effectively clinicians across our NHS have come together to respond to this crisis and we have been reminded of the excellence of our health service and the dedication of our NHS workforce.

It may yet be some time before we return to business as usual and as a Senate we may need to adapt and change the way we work to help advise organisations on the changes they have had to make in response to this covid crisis and how they adapt their services to return to normal business.

This last year we welcomed more new clinicians on to our Council as some of our established members stepped down as they reached the end of their 5 year tenure. Our new colleagues have all been a delight to work with and we will introduce you to those new members in this report.

As always I encourage you to get in touch and join our Clinical Assembly to be part of our clinical community offering advice. You can do this by contacting england.yhsenate@nhs.net. Can I take this opportunity to thank all of our clinical and public members of the Senate for their commitment to this important role and

I look forward to working with you all in the year ahead.  

Chris Welsh

Senate Chair

Yorkshire and the Humber Clinical Senate